Welcome at the Next Best Producer Spot : Bearbeatz!

Hello, and welcome at mine blog!

This blog will go about music, all types of genre's but mostly hiphop , rap and reggea. Thats because i really love hiphop and i dream of becoming an superproducer when the times right. I am 16 years old I live in holland and i have been busy with producing beats over 2 years now. 

It isn't my style to say things like,im that good or im that bad but i must say after 2 years of practise. That i got the basic's down and developed some real skills, well through im still learning..  I'll try to do my best and, have as much fun in producing as i can.  Also i hope you guys can enjoy listening to it just as much.      

 I will try to update on regular basis! So visit often! Also if you're intrested, take an quick look at my soundcloud  page.Most of my beats are free, so if you do have some kind intrested just ask me!

 Same for Collab's .

 Well have an nice look here and there! Peace!!



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Bearbeatz!! https://soundcloud.com/bearbeatz-3

Netherlands , Utrecht